Friday, March 29, 2013

New Finsbury, is it right for me? Not really, but I'm keeping it!

I recently purchased a new Filofax! I got the Finsbury personal in blue! Love the color, and blue IS one of my favorite colors.......

Friday, March 15, 2013

Animal Crossing: New Leaf (3DS)

Who's ready for Animal Crossing New Leaf? I know I am. I have really enjoyed playing the Animal Crossing series on the Nintendo Platform. The last one I played was Animal Crossing City Folk on Nintendo Wii System and really liked it, I still play it off and on, but have pretty much got all the achievements so now it's just keeping the town going. So I am really excited for this new game in the series as it will also have 3D capability. Something not available in previous versions. Overall from early reviews from Japan release, point to it being a very fun, and customizable game.

Can't wait for the release here in the states, it is rumored for release in the USA on June 9. Until then I will be (im?)patiently waiting!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Nook HD by Barnes and Noble

I recently purchased a Nook HD. It replaced my Nook Color which I really loved, but wanted something more updated.

I am really liking it so far. It was easy to set up and switch my account to, which also imported my library making it very easy to get started. It is customizable, so I set up my profile and added some pics that I wanted to use as well. The nice thing is that it has a faster processor so videos and games seem to be much more fluid on this model. Also, I found out that I can run moving screensavers which is really nice to look at when it's not being used (sitting on a desk in standby mode). They have a limited selection of moving screensavers, but the few they have are pretty decent. The one I really    like features a koi pond and you can even interact with the fish, like feeding them or touching the  "surface" of the water to create a ripple effect which in turn, "scares" the fish off, but they return fairly quickly simulating a real pond. You can use your own pics as wallpaper or download a wallpaper app from the Barnes and Noble online store.  Using the moving screensavers of course uses up battery much quicker than if it were in standby mode with the screen dark, so I don't use it all the  time.  Battery life is supposed to be 10.5 hrs. of reading or 9 hrs. of video on a fully charged battery. It is a 7" screen and 720p HD.

You can also download, apps, videos, newspapers, & magazines as well as ebooks and even PDF files. I purchased the 16GB model in snow (white) but they also have black and come in 8GB and  16GB in both colors. The memory can be extended by using a micro SD card up to 32GB. As far as reading on it, page turns are very smooth, and you can bookmark your page as well as highlight words or sentences, use the dictionary to look up words you aren't familiar with while reading, and you can even make notes on pages while reading along. You can also change the brightness of the screen or reverse from black on white to white on black and change the size of the text if you have trouble reading smaller print.

They sell a wide selection of cases for the new Nook HD and I got one that works similar to my iPad case that when you close the case it places the device in sleep mode. Overall, I am very happy with my purchase and really love the new Nook HD. I love to read and it is nice to be able to take it every where as it is very portable due to its size. I have all my books or a magazine at the ready to read at any time, any where. If you are interested in checking this out, here is a link to view all the specs and info on it... 

Thanks for reading my review, hope you enjoyed it!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

My New Filofax!

I just received my brand new Holborn A5 Filofax in Brown! I purchased it from Pens and Leather here in the U.S., they had it for 20 percent off and I was able to use an Internet coupon code for another 10 percent off of that! HAD to get it!

It came in the customary black Filofax box: 

Sunday, March 3, 2013

NEW Filofax planner

I will be doing a post this coming week about my NEW Holborn zip A5 Filofax in brown. I will also be posting pics of the planner, along with some ideas of how I will be using it. I'm hoping to have the post up by mid week.....stay tuned!

Still updating/upgrading my blog

Still a work in progress, but I will keep at it............. I have added a 'Follow me on Twitter' button and a Facebook Profile badge for those who would like to follow me there as well. As always thanks for stopping by! :)

I am new to I ask for your patience.

Hello........ First posts coming out. I am still learning all of this. That's why I am starting here, trying out some things, and I will be making more posts, so check back. I am still working out when I will be putting up posts, but for now, I am shooting for at least one a week. So I ask for your patience and bear with me, I am going to start rolling............

Thanks for stopping by my first blog!! : )

Under A Cherry Tree: Jin's 2M hits GIVEAWAY!

This is a really good blog site for users of the Silhouette Cameo, or other die cutter that can use .SVG, .PNG files! She has tutorials and some freebies on her site!